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VK Girls | A community for female VK bands

Aural Vampire in the USA



This is dedicated to the women of visual kei.

Some popular known female visual kei bands are..

Danger Gang, Kaidan Light, Lucifer Luscious Violenoue, and Kana.

Aural Vampire in the USA

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lver - badass
Hello ^^

I know Aural Vampire really isn't VK, but I did notice they are in this communities interests, so I hope my post is okay!

Aural Vampire attended the anime convention, Anime Matsuri and for that event, JaME was able to have an interview and write a live report about the event :). Please click on the links to read the articles!
  • I'm sure your post is fine, especially if Aural Vampire is listed in the interests.

    And thank you very much for posting this! I haven't heard any recent news on them for such a long time.
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